What to Wear For Your Photo Session

You’re SO pumped once you book your photo session, right?? Dreaming of memories captured for years to come! Until it’s a few weeks out and you have that realization... “Ugh, now I have to figure out what to wear!?”

When it comes to photos, there are some general rules of thumb to stick to and I’ll be sharing all of them below!


Long or mid-length dresses are aaaalways flattering + look romantic in photos. They move in the wind or when you walk which gives such a dreamy feel to all of the images in your gallery! So many of my prompts have to do with movement, which means you can never, ever go wrong with a dress. Just make sure to stick with one that wont show *too* much skin if I have your partner pick you up and spin you around or ask you to run towards my camera!

Wear an Outfit that is Naturally Flattering

Choose outfits that are naturally flattering to you + your body shape! Sometimes super-oversized sweaters are adorable in person but through photos make you appear larger than you really are. And on the opposite side of the spectrum, skin-tight clothing will show every single part of you, and if you have any “problem areas” you don’t really l-o-v-e about yourself, trust me, they will show in the images.

Here are some little tips on clothes that help you look your best:

-Darker colors are more slimming on camera

-Avoid horizontal stripes at ALL costs

-Choose clothing that does not have logos (nike, hollister, pink, etc)

-Stay away from clothes that give your body no shape. Boxy shirts make you look larger to the camera. Accentuate your waist with a cinched dress/shirt or belt

-In general, patterned clothes tend to make people look bigger than solid colors. Solid colors photograph best, however if you have a pattern you love, that’s totally okay! Just check with me to make sure it will look good in camera before wearing it to your session.

Accessories & Layers Always Look Amazing!

Start with your base layer (that solid-colored dress/shirt and jeans) and then add on layers of texture & accessories. These give dimension to your images AND give you the chance to add in personal touches of what you love!

Here are some perfect accessories:

-a hat


-jean jacket / blazer


Choose a Color Palette

Choosing a color palette can really help narrow down different options for outfits in your photos! Neutrals ALWAYS look best in photos, and look good with almost any scenery/location. I’ve created a Pinterest board with different color palettes and outfit inspiration just for you, including examples of couples/families in different locations showing how a neutral palette showcases y-o-u best. Click here to hop on over to that board and get to planning your outfits!

Below is my absolute FAVORITE color palette to date!


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