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Warm + storytelling Texas wedding photography

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Your love story deserves to be told authentically. Not how Pinterest or Instagram wants, but how it truly is. 

So many outside forces put pressure on photos now, and I love to remind my couples (and myself!) that life is so much more than pretty places and pretty outfits. Life is the deep + hard moments right along with the mountain-top joy moments. Every single part is important and all together builds our life + love story.

I'm here to capture the intimate, genuine, depth of your love story.  I believe beautiful places can be joined with genuine moments... creating magical memories.

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"Grace was amazing to work with!! Her fun and thoughtful personality shined through and made taking pictures so fun and easy. I couldn’t be happier with how they all turned out! Her style and talent is impeccable. We’ve received hundreds of compliments on our photos. You will not be disappointed working with Grace!"




Meet Grace

I'm a Texas wedding photographer passionate about love stories and warm + romantic photography! 

My passion for photography goes so much deeper than just pretty photos of pretty people. These are your 100% unique, special, timeless memories. Every single in-between moment matters *just* as much (if not more) than every portrait. While I do love directing and posing couples, I also love standing back and allowing your moments to unfold how they naturally would. I always allow for both on wedding days!

I've been documenting weddings since 2015, capturing over 100 couples wedding days!! Been shedding tears during vow readings, first dances, and every moment in between. :) I aim to become so much more than just your vendor/photographer. I believe building a real friendship is the key to an incredible experience and delivers absolutely beautiful images for ya'll for years to come! 

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Let's be friends.




We meet/chat

Let's set up a phone call or grab coffee!! I LOVE hearing all about your big day and answering any and all questions ya'll have. Let's get to know each other even more and enjoy a good latte while we are at it! :)


Plan it out

I'm here to help! My goal is always to help as much as I can and give guidance if ya'll need it.

I can answer planning questions, help find other vendors, or be a sounding board for ideas. I also send several questionnaires & goodies through the entire process to develop personalized shot-lists for your engagement session & wedding day. :)


Say yes!

READY TO BOOK?! AHHH! I'm excited! Once ya'll decide to book I will send over my contract/retainer invoice and your day will be officially in my calendar!! Then we can begin planning alllll of the details!


Show time

The actual engagement session/wedding day is so fun + genuine. I guide + direct through the entire photo process, and we enjoy some time together capturing your unique love story!

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